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dc.descriptionObjective: To determine the lifestyle of individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus (DM2) in rural communities.<br /> Materials and methods: A sample population of 126 subjects with DM2 were evaluated to determine their body mass index (BMI), glycosylated<br /> hemoglobin (GH) and a two-phase questionnaire was applied to determine changes in their lifestyle before and after the study.<br /> Results: Initial and final BMI was 26.67 and 26.36 respectively, and GH was 7.74 and 7.33 respectively without a significant difference. The survey<br /> showed that 69.3% of the population has a low self-esteem as consequence of their status of life; 56.5% do not go with their physician; 30.2% do not<br /> have interest in their health status; 39% do not know about their diseases; 34% do not practice any type of exercise; 56.6% is not or just some times<br /> are interested to get a good nutrition, and only 16.2% are conscious of doing exercise frequently.<br /> Conclusions: Cultural factors, sociodemographic status, and knowledge about health, have an impact in the lifestyle of this DM2 population. Is<br /> necessary to develop programs to improve health and lifestyle in patients with diabetes in rural communities.-
dc.titlePromotion of a healthy lifestyle in individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus in rural communities-
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