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dc.creatorMaría Del Rosario Rivera-Barragán-
dc.descriptionObjective: To determine the dietary diversity, the level of food security and its relationship with living conditions in families in Acajete, Veracruz.<br /> Materials and methods: Proportional stratified sampling, with 95% confidence, 5% error, and 50% response distribution. Household selection was made randomly, resulting in 211 dwellings as a sample.<br /> Results: Marginal food security with 40.3% (n = 85), followed by 32.7% of families with food security (n = 69). Regarding the nutritional status of<br /> surveyed people, the mode and median was normal weight (57.7%), overweight and obese 25.5% and underweight 16.8%.<br /> 33.6% of the people consume three food groups throughout the day, 27.5% four groups, 15.2% two groups, and the same percentage five food groups.<br /> There were significant differences (p=0.039) between the education level of the respondents in relation to their food security status, where 84.2% of the illiterate population has some degree of food insecurity, and 15.8% are in Food security.<br /> Conclusions: The housing characteristics considered in this study are not a determinant risk factor for Food Insecurity; no significant differences were found with overcrowding (p=0.239), housing ownership (p=0.987); and an unsafe source of drinking water (p = 0.973). The average scores of the Mexican Food Security Survey (EMSA) were statistically significant, therefore it is observed that lower food diversity results in lower food security.<br /> The inhabitants of Acajete who are in low or very low food security, only feed on two food groups: cereals or tubers; and legumes, nuts or seeds. When there is marginal food security add meat or fish.-
dc.titleFood Security in Acajete, Veracruz-
dc.creator.oneTalia Sánchez-Domínguez-
dc.creator.twoAlep Alejandro Corona-Morales-
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