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Title: Usage profile and out-of-pocket health expenses of patients visiting a private medical office to receive dental care treatmens. Reforma, Chiapas, 2015
Authors: Flores Morales, Jonatan
Ramírez-Mendoza, Jeannette
Morales-García, Manuel
Abstract: Objetive. To describe the social and labor characteristics, usage profie, satisfaction and dissatisfaction of users in regards to the out-of-pocket health expenses of patients enjoying social security when visiting a private dentistry offi. Material and method: An observational, analytical study was conducted in a population of 84 private practice users. The sampling was simple random, using a questionnaire that measures the use and out-of-pocket dentistry expenses. Results: The surveyed patients receive a wage, have a formal employment, and are affiated to a social security institution. Regarding the procedures undertaken to receive dental care in the social security institution, 60% of the users were dissatisfid, 41.7% answered that they never received the adequate treatment, and 78.6% stated they were not satisfid. However, in private dental offis, 56% of the patients stated they were completely satisfid with the treatment received and with the promptness with which they received care and 100% stated they would defiitely return to receive dental care. Conversely, over 70% was dissatisfid with the high cost of treatments, one third was not satisfid with the amount paid or the treatment provided at the private offis, and 44% categorically stated that the usage of private care had a considerable impact on their economy. Conclusions: The patients affiated to a social security institution do not seek dental care in the dental area due to the procedures they must follow. The users rather seek private care due to the promptness in service, the dentistpatient relation, the information received, despite the high cost of the treatment and its direct impact on their personal and family economy.
Issue Date: 14-Sep-2015
Appears in Collections:Vol. 14, Núm. 2 (2015)

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